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Electronic devices worth N40 million donated to ABU for Smart Classroom

Electronic devices worth N40 million donated to ABU for Smart Classroom

Guangzhou Creativeview Education Technology Company Limited, a first-class smart education construction and service providers in China, has donated electronic devices to Ahmadu Bello University for the establishment of a smart classroom at the Department of Computer Engineering. 

A letter to the University listing the equipment, which are worth N40 million, explained that the devices were strictly for “educational purpose to create, record, edit, test, finalise and deliver education contents and resources”. 

The devices, which all form a complete system, are as follows: 1 interactive smart touch panel, 50 all in one PC, 5 displays, 1 set of recording system, 2 servers, 120 writing boards, and 2 high speed scanners. Others are 50 earphones, 1 wireless cordless mouse, 2 switches, 3 routers, 1 computer, and other accessories. 

The University took delivery of the items through its Department of Computer Engineering which oversees the establishment of the Smart Classroom. 

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Prof. Ahmed Doko Ibrahim, was conducted round the devices by the Head, Department of Computer Engineering, Prof. M.B. Mu’azu. Doko expressed gratitude to the donor for the gesture. 

Prof. Doko, who assured that the devices would be used for the purpose they were meant for, disclosed that installation of the equipment at the Smart Classroom had already begun. 

The donation is a result of the tripartite MoU signed by the Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China; International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO; and Ahmadu Bello University. 

The MoU, which was facilitated by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd in recognition of the impressive relationship established with ABU as a result of the HAINA program, was signed in 2019. 

Smart Classroom is composed of modern electronic devices and software solutions to facilitate and assist in teaching and learning environment. 

It is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein the teacher is empowered to teach interactively and student is inspired to learn with a quest for excellence. 

The solution is based on interactive, rich multimedia content-enabled education system which illuminates abstract and difficult concepts with crystal clarity. 

It bridges the academic gaps between teachers and students, and helps them realize their true potentials. It completely replaces traditional teaching system of blackboard and chalk in the most cost-effective way. 

The donor of the electronic devices, Guangzhou Creativeview Education Technology Company Ltd, now has embraced a complete industry chain which includes intelligent manufacturing lines, educating resources creation offices, learning platform base on internet and data clouds link to different education processes. 



Public Affairs Directorate, 

Office of the Vice-Chancellor, 

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 

Tuesday, 26th July, 2022